Announcing New Enterprise Social Network Evaluation and Website

Is your company ready to get serious about social? Starting today, we’re offering free evaluations of the tibbr enterprise social networking platform, and you can start yours at right now.

tibbr is the enterprise social network that’s different. Among other things, it’s a place where people get contextually relevant information that helps them get their job done better — rather than just a shiny toy that runs disparately from the rest of your company’s technology.

With tibbr, you can follow updates from not only people, but your business applications as well. tibbr’s unique, Subject-based approach empowers you to consume, filter and organize information in the way you work. Chock-full of contextually rich information, tibbr Subjects make social collaboration real and relevant – not just something you wax philosophical about.

The evaluation isn’t a hand-out — it ends after 60 days. But we’re confident once you see the power of our platform, you’ll want to add tibbr as a permanent part of company’s technology backbone.

I also encourage you to see the redesign of We’ve made it much easier to learn about the product, and its key features, security and integration points. We also have a brand new customer page, highlighting the success of customers like Macy’s, Apache, KPMG and OOCL.

We hope you enjoy the new site and evaluation, and the tibbr team is ramping up for a great 2012. So stay tuned…