Is HzB a Good Metric for Event Processing throughput?

In a previous post about Event Processing at the LHC, we learned that the scientists involved talked about event measurements in terms of Hertz or “cycles per second”. Although particularly suited to observation events, one wonders if this could also be a suitable term for business event processing (for example, a large parcel delivery company may be able to process its parcel events at 50 KHz or 50K per sec).

However, the unit of work-done should also include the amount of data being processed: a 3-byte sensor reading being read at 1MHz is requiring “less work” than a 250KB message being processed at 10KHz. So apart from the throughput in Hz, we should also consider a combined metric = the HertzByte. So 10Kb worth of event being processed at 10KHz would mean a throughput of 100MHzB.

So what is the peak or sustained HzB rating of your CEP application?