The tibbr, enterprise social networking, blog begins

As the newest member of the tibbr team, I’ve enjoyed an exciting few days around our offices in Palo Alto. We’ve been testing new features, briefing analysts & reporters, and talking with our customers about how tibbr, enterprise social networking, is transforming their businesses.

Back in January, TIBCO launched tibbr because the team here believed that connecting people was merely the first wave of enterprise social networking. For social software to be successful, they believed that it must intelligently incorporate the business processes, systems and data a company relies on everyday. So with tibbr, we are tapping the power of TIBCO’s integration heritage to build the 21st century social layer inside businesses, and the six months has been really exciting.

The purposes of this blog will be to keep you alerted about new product features, thought leadership and customer innovations that are shaping the direction of tibbr. We view tibbr as an ever-evolving product, and we look forward to working with you in the coming months to give companies the social computing platform they’ve always wanted.

In addition to this blog, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have some great events in the works, and we look forward to keeping you in the loop.