BICC Can Spread Analytics Throughout the Enterprise

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Long-time business intelligence analyst Howard Dresner advises companies on deploying high-performing improvement strategies.  An approach he champions is the Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) to deliver a standard, consistent and repeatable model to company-wide resources.  Like other competencies – human resources, travel planning or logistics – analytics can deliver better results when the team approach develops expertise and recycles that knowledge.  Find out more about the benefits of a BICC and how to create this diverse, multi-discplinary team at   By centralizing the work, best practices emerge with specific tasks and processes for researching and sharing results.

Global industry leaders from Procter & Gamble, Allstate, General Electric are just some of the companies  capitalizing on the BICC concept, says Dresner  in Thornton May’s book “The New Know”.  Insights that emerge from a BICC can be a company-wide source of competitive advantage and only increase as common Business Intelligence approaches take root throughout an organization.  In time, the BI habits can become second-nature, like recycling, so that everyone does it and the work doesn’t require a specialized team.

That is one goal of Spotfire’s self-service, cloud-based analytics and visualization tools – allowing different people from various departments to use a common set of data to share and analyze on-the-fly.  At that stage analytics is a persistent and usual practice, not a specialized skill for a unique team.

After 13 years at Gartner, as lead analyst for Business Intelligence, Dresner opened his own firm focusing on thought leadership for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI).  He speaks at forums around the globe and wrote the book “The Performance Management Revolution: Business Results Through Insight and Action”

Sounds like he may have followed his own advice. . . .