Business Intelligence “Fatigue?”

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Sleeping workers by User:Mattes, Wikimedia CommonsLong time business intelligence and IT reporter and editor Mike Vizard, in his blog on IT Business Edge, covers the topic of “Overcoming Business Intelligence Fatigue.”  Vizard paints a picture of business intelligence (BI) as a “eyerolling” exercise that delivers “canned reports” from “static data” that “costs a fortune to build and maintain.”  But he also admits that business intelligence projects give “the IT department…an opportunity to prove its value.”  And that industry reports keep pointing to business intelligence as a top IT priority for executives.

Vizard continues his blog piece discussing self-service business intelligence approaches  that may solve the issue of “fatigue.”  What seems to be lacking from this discussion is that of the role or real-time data access in business intelligence.

Sure, some business intelligence projects might deliver “canned reports.”  But many more companies build their business intelligence solutions around access to real-time data – meaning, that while the report format may be canned, the data isn’t.  In fact, that data is fresh.  It’s this access to fresh data that stops the eye rolling and instead makes the executives’ eyes smile.

How is business intelligence being implemented in your company?  Static data or real-time?

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team