No bottlenecks in Complex Event Processing for Real-time BI

A few BI-related posts show how CEP and CEP-related thinking is starting to trickle into conventional thinking on Business Intelligence.

First off, Intelligent Enterprise reports on some solutions to the problems of using data warehouses for real-time BI. Note that the solutions offered include Event Stream Processing (although why Forrester references ESP instead of CEP is a mystery only known to the analyst who authored this report – unless there is an expectation that just simple streamed correlations can be done in real-time analytics?) [*1].

Secondly,  Jerry Held relates in 2 articles how cloud computing will “save the day” for BI. In a nutshell, Jerry’s hypothesis is that a lack of cheap distributed computing resources are what is holding back BI, and clouds of massively parallel operations on huge datasets will be BI’s saviours. Jerry, methinks, is ahead of his time, as I can’t see data warehouses migrating to the clouds without large doses of security provisions and even cheaper bandwidth. But certainly the idea of highly parallel and scalable event+data processing operations is here today…


[1] IE also suggests “informational fabric” for real-time BI. This is “the real-time in memory, distributed caching infrastructure embedded in a service-oriented architecture or enterprise service bus for analytic and transactional apps.” This is also CEP-relevant – the TIBCO BusinessEvents CEP platform includes such a data grid.