TUCON Observations and Commentary

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TUCON 2007 just wrapped up and everyone I spoke to said it was a great event. TUCON, by the way, is our annual user conference and this year we held it in San Francisco. For me, the highlight (besides catching pop fly balls before the SF Giants Colorado Rockies game at ATT park) was watching TIBCO BusinessEvents customers and implementers talking to their peers about the applications they had developed.

One particularly interesting presentation by Maja Tibbling from Con-way described Event Processing as analogous to a Bingo game and in particular, a bingo card where a number is called and no one necessarily knows it’s relevance until a series of numbers (or events) lines up in a pattern and makes a match or produces a winning card (Bingo).

Now imagine having millions of “bingo cards” with millions more in-flight objects and events that you are monitoring in real time and you will start to get an idea of true power of this technology. It was brilliant. And the whole presentation was just as clever.

Con-way is all about delivering on time – they pride themselves on dependability and punctuality, and by using BusinessEvents to reduce the time it takes for their transportation assets to clear the border crossing and customs process and get back on the road, it has taken something that used to take hours down to minutes.

If you didn’t have a chance to see it, stay tuned as we will try to get a Webex version on our web site. I’ll provide more TUCON observations and customer conversations in subsequent posts.