Robotics Club 3D Prints PPE Face Shields for Frontline Workers #TIBCO4Good

Robotics Club 3D Prints PPE Face Shields TIBCO4Good
Dr. Michael Ilardi, Carol Hart, and Laureen Cavanaugh wearing PPE face shields
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A Robotics club in Vernon, New Jersey is helping protect frontline workers at local hospitals and businesses, using 3D printers to deliver thousands of personal protective equipment (PPE). According to Gene Arnold, a TIBCO employee involved in the project, “We are making shield, masks, and mask straps all to help our frontline workers while they put their lives on the line for us all.” 

The group started with the Viking Robotics club at Vernon Township High School, but has since grown to include the wider Vernon community through the leadership of locals Keith McCotter and Martin Pirringer. What started out as a few passionate students and community members grew quickly. And so did demand. Soon the team was receiving bulk orders from essential businesses and became overwhelmed in the best way. 

To help deal with this high demand, Arnold turned to TIBCO to help fund the project and provide essential materials. #TIBCO4Good™ was more than happy to help and has donated to allow the team to purchase a more advanced 3D printer and additional supplies. The group had been using hobby-based printers but was able to buy replacement parts and purchase a higher-end printer to handle the increased load thanks to TIBCO. They’ve now printed over 3,000 pieces of PPE gear and the team is still going! 

Many organizations and individuals wanting to help during COVID-19 have stepped up like Arnold and his teammates. As Arnold puts it, “We can help. Everybody is doing something. In times like this, we need to do the right thing.” Even the school district superintendent helped by allowing staff and students to use the school’s 3D printers. 

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