It’s Never Been More Important to Reflect on Your Core Values

TIBCO Core Values
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As TIBCO bands together during this trying time, the values that we embrace: together, innovative, bold, customer-focused, and optimistic propel us forward. These five ideals have always been at the core of TIBCO, but the importance of this value set has never been more apparent to me than now. 

Many facets within our organization ensure we are successful: great products and top talent are key. Yet sometimes we have to rely on elements deeper within our core to act with agility and strength.

The strength of TIBCO lies within our values:

Together we stand as one, focused on the health of our teammates and our customers through both personal and business challenges that are upon us and those that are yet to come. 

Innovative in our ability to create solutions in constantly changing times and to do so quickly.

Bold highlights our organization’s willingness to embrace new ideas. Ideas outside the box and for the greater good.

Customer-Focused is our proactive customer engagement, especially during difficult times, to help our customers successfully innovate, collaborate and grow.   

Optimistic through uncertainty, our unwavering and can-do attitude helps us overcome obstacles and realize mutual success with customers, partners, and within our community. 

The way our team members have responded to recent and unprecedented disruptions showcases the strength and energy we have derived from these values.  The fact that our response has come so naturally demonstrates how much everyone at TIBCO embraces them. 

These values are embodied within our spirit, our #TIBCOSPIRIT, the essence which continues to drive us forward through these uncharted waters together, as TIBCO. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our values, our organization, and supporting our customers.

Better together,