5 Ways TIBCO and AWS Are Better Together

TIBCO and AWS are better together
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For years, we’ve continued to expand our cloud offerings on Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing more people to build cloud-native applications, migrate on-premises applications to the cloud, and integrate and analyze data at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging AWS, you can unload the burden of high availability and performance infrastructure. You can find all the TIBCO software and tools that you already love on the AWS Marketplace—TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery, TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO Jaspersoft®, and more—to help you achieve your digital transformation goals. 

Here are five ways how TIBCO and AWS are better together.

1. Make Your Move to the Cloud Easier

One of the foundations for a modern enterprise is supporting a cloud infrastructure or offering cloud-native applications. TIBCO can help you with the migration of your systems and applications to AWS. Many of the solutions we offer on AWS Marketplace such as SaaS, AMI, and containers offer annual, pay as you go or BYOL (bring your own license) options for customers who want to use current TIBCO licenses on AWS.

2. Better Decision-making with AI/ML

Once you have your cloud foundation in place, you can start leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and the latest machine learning innovations to analyze high-volume streaming data in both business systems and at the edge. You can collaborate and create machine learning pipelines and deploy them, accelerating your innovation. As a result, you can better identify opportunities and threats, make decisions, and take action.

3. Develop Faster 

A cloud-native architecture enables a modern technology stack, supporting microservices, event-driven APIs, and functions. TIBCO and AWS have what you need for faster and more innovative development through tools such as browser-based visual designers. AWS services can then define and deploy these components in no time on a highly-scalable and cost-effective serverless infrastructure.

4. Leverage Existing IT 

With seamless integration of AWS apps with other cloud and on-premises systems, TIBCO offers users unparalleled options. You can build applications and run analytics dashboards on AWS with ease. Additionally, you can access information wherever it resides, which can help you easily establish a digital business foundation to identify meaningful opportunities and threats within the data and take action.

5. Our Customers and Partners are Living Proof

So many of our customers are leveraging AWS and TIBCO software, leading to a number of business benefits such as tripling product offerings without having to increase development and support staff, integrating business-critical cloud applications, enabling the creation of microservices and event-driven APIs, and more. 

Learn more about how our partnership with AWS makes us better together and register now for AWS re:Invent, to make the most out of your AWS investment with TIBCO.

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