Jaspersoft allowed us to present information in a really modular, scalable fashion. No matter what question was being asked, we wanted to have the application answer that question the way the customer wants, not the way the technology defines it.

Peter Girgis, CTO of Bigmate

Bigmate Solves IoT Asset Management with Embedded BI

Continually refreshed data, greater scalability and flexibility


Bigmate deals primarily with the Internet of Things (IoT), or more specifically, the Internet of Assets (IoA). "It refers to collecting and analyzing data from business assets so you can get meaningful and insightful business intelligence,” says Peter Girgis, CTO.

The Bigmate telematics platform provides real-time vehicle tracking, data analysis, and tools that scale vertically or horizontally. New and emerging telematics applications, such as vehicle engine monitoring, were driving the need for customer accessible dashboards and reporting. With data generated as frequently as once a second, delivering visualizations that bring clarity was a crucial requirement.

"We wanted one product that would enable us to solve our customers' problems. That was the main objective," said Girgis.


Bigmate helps customers determine their business requirements, which are usually cutting operating expenses or increasing revenue. The company then works to identify a problem in one of these areas and to display data in a way that the customer wants to see it so they can come up with a cost-effective, IoT-driven solution.

TIBCO Jaspersoft® embedded BI has enabled Bigmate to consume IoT and IoA data and blend it to deliver answers to business problems. The company presents a holistic view of all the information being collected from sensors. By implementing the Jaspersoft® system as its reporting solution, Bigmate retained customers by solving problems it previously couldn't, tripled its product offerings, and added new customers.


Fast Results, New Products

It only took two months for Bigmate to build and deliver client dashboards and reports. Within six months, the company deployed new scalable solutions using an automated process. “We provided a better customer experience and started analyzing where they had city problems due to a design problem,” said Brett Orr, general manager.

"We've moved from a single product stream of telematics to three solutions. With TIBCO and AWS, we've basically tripled our product offering without having to greatly increase the development and support staff."

In addition to Jaspersoft embedded BI, Bigmate also turned to Amazon Web Services. By moving to AWS, the Bigmate team could host everything in a versatile and scalable environment of virtually unlimited scale. They could investigate a range of modular tools that could be added for more functionality without having to change the application.

With the AWS platform, while defining microservices and deploying them to edge computing devices, Bigmate also accelerated its digital transformation by seamlessly migrating workloads. Now, 100 percent of Bigmate's services run on AWS, allowing the company to leverage a serverless architecture. It integrated more than 1,200 devices on its telematics platform and enabled customers to view highly tailored views of their real-time data.

New Solutions Not Possible Before

"One of the big benefits is that we've been able to retain customers at a very high rate because we can now solve problems that we previously couldn't," says Girgis.

An example of Bigmate's platform at work is how it addressed lost shopping carts, a $10 million/year problem when adding the cost of the carts, lack of carts for customer use, and local government fines imposed for carts left outside of designated areas. To alleviate the problem, Bigmate added sensors to carts to track their whereabouts. Now retailers know when carts are moved outside of their perimeter and can reclaim them to avoid a fine.

"We can start adding real value to the business," said Orr.


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Bigmate is a leading innovator of solutions using vehicle telematics, Internet of Assets (IoA), and CCTV video safety overlays.