Vista Equity Partners Continues Its Mission to Empower Everybody with Technology by Sponsoring New Technology Lab in Denver

Vista Equity Partners New Technology Lab in Denver TIBCO
Employees of Denver Public Schools and Vista Equity Partners pose in the new Technology Lab at Montbello High School
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TIBCO was proud to be on hand for the opening of the Montebello Campus’ new Technology Lab in Denver last month, which was sponsored by our parent company, Vista Equity Partners. TIBCO and Vista share the mission of empowering everyone with technology. CEO of Vista, Robert Smith, has a personal connection to the area, having been born and raised in Denver where he attended Denver Public Schools (DPS) throughout high school, graduating from East High School. This technology lab gives students cutting-edge technology at their fingertips. 

Vista Equity Partners partnered with the DPS Foundation to identify what the technology needs were for the campus. The Montbello Technology Lab stimulates students’ interest in the field by giving them a first-hand opportunity to both interact with new technology and to apply what they’ve learned in their classes. The lab offers students a chance to experiment with 3D printing, robotics, and increase their technology literacy, all with the latest technology. 

The catalyst to getting this project off the ground was actually a social media post from Jennifer Perea, the current Assistant Principal at Noel Community Arts School. Years ago, she asked her network to donate money for books, with the goal of getting a book in front of every child she taught. A friend saw her post and mentioned it to her husband who had mutual friends at Vista. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, the technology lab project was off and running. 

“We want to give students the technology to pursue a STEM career and remain competitive,” said Perea. “I believe in Montebello students and that they will be the leaders of the future.”

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock continued the opening remarks, speaking to the audience about the importance of equity and technology, and that this new lab helps to increase technology equity for Montebello students. 

“Not everyone has benefitted the same, not everyone starts in the same place,” said Hancock. “We need to be aware of what’s going on to be able to give students these opportunities.”

The audience also heard from Susana Cordova, the superintendent of DPS, who spoke about the opportunity that the lab is giving the students.

“Having a technology lab gives the students a chance to learn and grow with technology,” said Cordova. 

Lastly, Bret Bolin, the operating principal at Vista Equity Partners addressed the audience.  Vista’s and its companies’ sponsorship of the lab is driven by a commitment to the Denver community and a deep belief that all children should have access to the skills and knowledge that will drive the digital economy of the future.

“This lab is a different platform for students to engage and grow,” said Bolin. “Students can leverage it for success so they can reach their full potential.”

Following in our parent company’s footsteps, TIBCO has also reinvested in our “TIBCO in the Classroom” initiative to help bring cutting-edge technology to students to help further their technology literacy and equity to set them up for a better future.