[INTERACTIVE DEMO APP]: Create Answer-Generating Apps

TIBCO Jaspersoft [INTERACTIVE DEMO APP]: Create Answer-Generating Apps
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Your users don’t want another business intelligence (BI) or analytics tool. They just want answers.

The data footprint is growing exponentially in all facets of business, and every employee from C-level executives to operational workers are increasingly expected to make decisions based on data. Despite this expectation, only 20 to 25 percent of workers today actually use BI tools. The most cited reason for this is lack of time to learn another tool. To combat this issue and to give today’s users easily accessible answers without the learning curve, organizations should embed actionable data directly into the applications that their customers and employees already use every day.

Software builders that take this a step further and treat data as a core feature of their applications are positioned to unlock the most value for their users. 

Want to see embedded BI in action?

Check out our new interactive demo application! Through a guided tour, experience an application that treats data as a feature and learn how the application itself was built.  

Caption: New “Data as a Feature” Demo Application with TIBCO® Jaspersoft 

Our fictional bikeshare company, BikeRepublic, leverages data inside its application to streamline and optimize its business operations. But the possibilities are endless for what you can build with embedded BI in your application. Embedded reports and data visualizations, combined with a compelling user experience (UX), can turn any application into an answer-generating machine.

With this interactive demo app, you’ll learn:

  • How embedded analytics helps close the insights-to-action gap for users
  • How to provide data that actually matters with user-oriented design
  • The technologies and development best practices you need to begin building your own data-driven application 

Turn your data chaos into valuable insights that your customers and business can use to make better decisions. Embedding analytics delivers at-a-glance insights inside your app with these unique features:

  • Interactive Charts: Good design is a must-have today for businesses trying to be competitive in the age of user experience. To deliver the seamless experience users expect today, you need complete control of your app design, including any data that is being visualized inside of it. Only Jaspersoft provides a pixel-perfect design environment capable of developing reports and data visualizations to exact design specifications.
  • Input Controls: Allow users to see only the data they care about by using customizable data filters. Jaspersoft can bring in data according to parameters and surface it in the application user interface. With intuitive controls, users can gather data to be directly reflected in a Jaspersoft report or dashboard or creatively used to update elements of the app.
  • Interactive Maps: Design interactive map visualizations in the same way you would design reports or visualizations inside your application. With Jaspersoft you can also feed data into custom mapping services like TIBCO® GeoAnalytics or Google Maps, giving web developers complete control to achieve the best results for their application.
  • Data-driven App Elements: Define prompts and other elements for users within your application to provide useful information within existing user workflows. With flexible configurations of the data, developers can meet any custom design requirements and ensure a beautiful, intuitive application user interface (UI).

At the end of the day, users don’t want data, they want answers. Embedded analytics puts answers at the fingertips of users, making your application more valuable and enabling your customers and employees to truly be data-driven. Learn more about data-driven applications in this “Data as a Feature” workshop series and see how you can start immersing BI into your own applications.