Creating a One-stop Data Shop for Customers and Employees with TIBCO

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Traditionally a waste logistics and transportation company, Waste Management has seen significant growth in recent years. To help sustain and even expand upon this growth, the company researched unique new services they could offer customers based on a wide variety of data, such as converting waste into materials that can be used or recycled instead of dumped in a landfill. The company needed a flexible, robust analytics platform to help sift through all of this data to provide consumable information to customers and employees.

Waste Management had two major criteria for their analytics platform purchase:  A system that could take in spreadsheets from many different systems (even from customers outside the firewall) and easily combine them, and the ability to easily create dashboards on the fly.

Waste Management chose TIBCO Spotfire to access and visualize all of its information. After using Spotfire to take data from spreadsheets and transform it, the company experienced significant improvement and acceleration in operations.

“I would say it’s a 90 percent improvement in terms of speed,” said Hsuan. “Along with that, comes the accuracy and the ability for us to integrate data scrubbing and other elements to improve the overall process.”

Because of this improvement, Waste Management is now able to take on more customers consuming more services. In addition, Spotfire allows stakeholders and customers to easily filter and see the specific information they want to see which has also helped the company retain accounts and increase customer lifetime value.

Waste Management is a customer-centric business, providing a wide variety of services for customers in the public, commercial property, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Spotfire is the platform they use to put their customers first.

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