A New Era of Analytics: Connect and Visually Analyze Data in Motion

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Greg is a drilling engineer responsible for monitoring production systems for an oil rig. His business intelligence (BI) dashboard refreshes every 30 minutes. At 3:30 PM, the dashboard refreshes and he notices a spike in a pump ’s temperature and pressure, which means it needs to be replaced — right now. But the information is already too old; the pump has stopped working and production must cease, resulting in valuable production loss.

The ability to analyze real-time data has become paramount in use cases like Greg’s and countless others to keep businesses competitive. With the rise of IoT and ever-increasing data from customer interactions streaming across the enterprise, if we wait to capitalize on it, data loses its value, leading to missed opportunities and significant problems.

TIBCO Spotfire X now makes it easy to connect and visually analyze data in motion like never before. With native support of real-time streaming data, Spotfire® Data Streams pushes continuous updates into Spotfire for real-time analysis. The result is live dashboards of streaming data that allow business users and frontline staff to analyze and act on data insights while they are still relevant. So Greg can anticipate the problem, fix the pump before it fails, and even increase production.

The first truly real-time BI implementation in the industry

The response to Spotfire X has been resoundingly positive, including analyst feedback that validates it as the first truly real-time BI implementation in the industry. There are other technologies that provide streaming dashboards, but none compare to Spotfire’s ability to deliver streaming analytics and explore the data.

Spotfire X and Spotfire Data Streams let you analyze real-time and historical data together, for full situational awareness so you can better respond to conditions in real time, get to the root cause of problems or issues and predict what might happen next. No other BI tool today applies analysis through direct manipulation to streaming and to historical data at the same time. Only Spotfire X allows you to understand all your data as it changes and apply artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language in one beautiful, easy-to-use tool.

From inventory management to financial fraud detection to ground-staff operations and more, the possibilities are endless.

  • In manufacturing and oil and gas:  With equipment sensors, IoT data streams can be added in seconds to Spotfire for predictive maintenance, production forecasting, and more.
  • In transportation, logistics, and supply chain:  Automation and real-time analytics are key for improving customer experience, assessing and acting on security risks in real-time, and optimizing operations in response to changing conditions to keep everything on time.
  • In banking, insurance, and retail:  Applying BI to millions of live transactions in real-time can identify security breaches, spot fraudulent transactions so they can be stopped, or fix non-compliant trades before fines are incurred.

How it Works

Spotfire Data Streams has pre-built connectivity to over 80 data sources as well as custom connectors. The Spotfire Data Streams Server manages data connectivity, storage, continuous queries, alerts, client connectivity, user authentication, and security. At the heart of the server is the continuous query engine that processes high-speed streaming data, creates fully materialized live data tables, manages ad-hoc queries from Spotfire, and continuously pushes live results as conditions change in real time.

Spotfire X - Aware - Streaming

To learn more about real-time Analytics with Spotfire X watch the webinar, Real-time Analytics with Spotfire X and Spotfire Data Streams, and try a free 30-day trial of Spotfire X.