TIBCO to Sponsor Women Who Code Connect 2018

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TIBCO is proud to announce the renewal of our sponsorship of Women Who Code, a global non-profit dedicated to helping women excel in their technical careers. This is the second year in a row TIBCO has sponsored the organization and attended their annual event in San Francisco.

Women Who Code is changing the face of technology, creating a more inclusive and diverse industry, and helping women to connect with professional opportunities that propel them into positions of power. WWCode is the largest and most active community for technical women in the world with over 137,000 members worldwide, offering over 7,000 trainings, workshops, hackathons, conferences, and more each year, and awarding over $2.5 million in scholarship. The organization aims to work with the best tech companies who are committed to advancing inclusion and innovation.

Here at TIBCO, we are committed to a culture of inclusion and diversity. That’s why we created Women Igniting TIBCO, a global gender diversity initiative aimed at connecting, developing, and empowering TIBCO women, candidates, and others through networking events, conferences, mentoring, and various learning programs.

Efforts have been made company wide to show the commitment to women in tech by hosting a speaker series, highlighting internal and external speakers, from high-powered TIBCO saleswomen to a nine-year-old girl showcasing a coding board game she created and shares with companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations. There has also been company-wide awareness and training focused on unconscious bias, including how to recognize, counter, and address it. Globally, offices including Gothenburg, Seattle, Denver, London, and Pune have organized, planned, and attended diversity-focused events. Recruiting efforts also target women and other diverse groups of employees through outreach and events.

WWCode’s annual event, Women Who Code Connect 2018 brings together speakers from around the world to share their stories and expertise around technology. Attendees will be able to attend in-depth panels, technical workshops, keynotes, and receive actionable advice on advancing in their career. This year’s conference is to be held on April 28 at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. TIBCO will be hosting a booth to meet many talented folks and share information about the company and career opportunities. We will also be sending 20 female employees to attend the event.

In addition to Women Who Code, TIBCO’s partners and sponsors include App Camp for Girls, and the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. A unique and key hallmark of WIT is its extensive and enthusiastic support from executives, including men. Our CEO Murray Rode is an avid proponent of diversity and advancement of underrepresented groups, reaffirming TIBCO’s commitment to diversity initiatives, emphasizing that “it makes us a stronger company and a better place to work, and makes for a better society in general.”

Learn more about Women Who Code Connect 2018 and how you can attend here.