Podcasts: Expert Advice on Analytics Trends and Making Reports Easy to Consume

Cutting through the Analytics Hype

In this 13-minute podcast, Shawn Rogers (senior director of analytic strategy, TIBCO Software) interviews Jen Underwood (founder, Impact Analytix) on the latest developments in big data and business intelligence, including:

  • How companies are implementing BI today
  • Common barriers preventing BI success
  • Navigating the “last mile” of analysis and turning insights into action
  • What’s real and what’s hype in AI and machine learning
  • Impact of legislation such as GDPR on data storage and analysis

Jen Underwood, founder of Impact Analytix, LLC, is a recognized analytics industry expert. She has a unique blend of product management, design, and over 20 years of “hands-on” development of data warehouses, reporting, visualization, and advanced analytics solutions. Previously she held worldwide product management roles at Microsoft and served as a technical lead for system implementation firms.

Shawn Rogers is an internationally recognized strategist, thought leader, speaker, and author specializing in analytics, business intelligence, big data, cloud, IoT, and social media technologies. He has founded and sold two Internet/media start-ups, and was formerly VP of research at Enterprise Management Associates. He is presently the senior director of analytic strategy for TIBCO Software.

How to Make Data Available “Over the Counter”

In this episode of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence podcast, TIBCO Jaspersoft expert Shane Swiderek interviews Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin, award-winning educator and expert in data reporting standards.

Additional topics include:

  • What it means to design reports that and easy to use
  • Industry dynamics that have driven the need for educators to provide these
    “over-the-counter” analytics
  • Real-world examples of “over-the-counter” data in action
  • How well TIBCO Jaspersoft is suited to provide data “over-the-counter”
  • Advice for anyone looking to provide data that is easily understandable and actionable to users

Award-winning educator Dr. Jenny Grant Rankin teaches the PostDoc Masterclass at the University of Cambridge, England (as lecturer) once per year and spends the rest of her time living in Laguna Beach, California writing books relating to data, education, teacher burnout, gifted education, and sharing one’s research and expertise with the world. She has a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in School Improvement Leadership, and has served as an award-winning K-12 teacher, teacher on special assignment, assistant principal / school administrator, school district administrator, and chief education & research officer.

Shane Swiderek is a technology marketing professional at TIBCO Software based in San Francisco, focusing on TIBCO Jaspersoft, an embeddable BI and reporting platform. He studied marketing at the University of Arizona where he was president of the local American Marketing Association chapter. He’s previously held marketing, sales, and technical roles at Gigya and Apple. In his spare time Shane is a long distance runner and fly fisherman, and has a passion for new technologies.