TIBCO Provides Healthcare Solutions for All

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This week is National Public Health Week, a movement to create the healthiest nation in one generation by celebrating the power of prevention, advocating for healthy and fair policies, sharing strategies for successful partnerships, and championing the role of a strong public health system. NPHW is an initiative that is part of Public Health 3.0, with the goal to build awareness of the healthcare infrastructure to make for a healthier nation, with better widespread access to data to enact change. At TIBCO, we are proud to provide solutions for the healthcare industry, including detecting and decreasing cardiac arrest, increasing operating room efficiency, reducing re-admissions, and reducing healthcare costs. Additionally, our solutions allow our customers to understand, access, and make data-driven decisions to save lives.

Healthcare is still an industry that is not known for forward-thinking technological innovations — hospitals and healthcare centers chart by hand, use minimal analytics, and have siloed data. A large part of this is due to regulations, liability issues, complexity, and point-to-point integration interfaces. A big driver for change in the healthcare industry focuses on moving from a transactional to value-based business, driven by both patients and regulators.

Our customers like University of Chicago Medicine have implemented a solution to integrate systems and centralize their data to get information into the hands of the people who need it. This has allowed them to turn their data into action and more effectively measure the care they deliver. As a result, University of Chicago Medicine has been able to better prevent cardiac arrest, increase operating room efficiency, and have more advanced patient identification to reduce re-admissions.

FTI Consulting has been able to gain a competitive advantage by providing fast, easily digestible, actionable data analytics to their clients to reduce consulting implementation times in addition to assisting them in monitoring their operations. With TIBCO Spotfire, FTI Consulting’s clients are able to build guided analytics solutions to help their clients identify and quantify problems, point out why they occurred, and how to correct them, something invaluable to the healthcare industry.

Leading healthcare companies like Greenway Health are adopting APIs as a secure way to share data and easily create innovative offerings the provide new revenue, improve processes, and enhance patient care. Greenway Health has implemented API management to enable the creation of new solutions that complement their existing solutions, and build a marketplace for partners and consumers; grow business development efforts and generate new revenue streams, and reach customers on any device via a cross-platform app. As a result, they have made $1.4 million in revenue from the API program alone and increased the number of partners by 24 times.

Our partner, Change Healthcare, incorporates TIBCO’s business intelligence tool within its Analytics Explorer solution, using health data visualizations to enable users to visually explore data—free of the dimensional constraints and IT dependence that traditional approaches require. Healthcare organizations can more quickly turn data into insights and insights into actions that lead to better outcomes. Additionally Change Healthcare, through the partnership with TIBCO, will be innovating new capabilities that turn data into meaningful information for decision-making to help organizations navigate the complex transition to a value-based healthcare system.

Technological innovations such as centralized data, advanced analytics, and APIs have opened doors for the healthcare industry to help provide better care for all. Whether its preventing infection or to get a better sense of the patient as a whole, data-driven solutions are the way of the future for healthcare. This fosters a healthier nation by building a better healthcare system that puts the patient first.

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