Migrating Integration Apps to the Cloud

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Cloud initiatives are no longer just a competitive edge for business but instead, a standard expectation. By combining cloud initiatives with existing infrastructure, businesses can modernize their IT systems, improve the pace of innovation and speeding agility, increase developer productivity, and reduce cost. All of these contribute to operational excellence. The combination of cloud initiatives and existing infrastructure creates an environment in which a business can grow and innovate smoothly so that they remain both relevant and competitive in their industry.

An important step in the journey to the cloud is migrating integration apps. In order to do so you must consider and learn what a cloud-native approach entails. This includes understanding options for adoption including re-hosting, re-factoring, or re-architecting on-prem apps as well as, what cloud technologies other organizations are utilizing and where they are on their cloud journey. Once you understand these important parts of a cloud journey, you can begin to evaluate potential challenges and potential approaches to addressing them.

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