Departmental Use Cases for Collaboration: HR

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To maximize the benefits of collaboration, it’s important to have an open and sharing-oriented organizational culture. But this can be a chicken and egg situation: there can often be a need to show collaboration value in order to open up and spur more sharing, but openness and sharing is the terra firma on which real collaboration happens. Well-planned use cases can ease this common dilemma.

In this new blog series, we’ll take a closer look at use cases for leveraging enterprise social networking (ESN) for a variety of departments. Department-level use cases do double duty here actually, because they are solid starting points for priming the pump of the collaboration engine as I discussed in my previous blog posts. But also, it’s quick and easy to show these kinds of use cases to department leaders to build a vision of what the results would be, and get their buy-in.

To start, let’s consider Human Resources. ESN solutions like tibbr give HR the ability to quickly create expertise profiles, cross-functional discussion areas, blogging, activity feeds, and more. This can accelerate time from hire to productivity, reduce impact on colleagues by making questions from previous new employees available, and make it easy for each department or team (or country, or office) to maintain a new subject in addition to firm-wide subjects.

TIBCO tibbr’s Customer Success team shares a few examples of the use cases and value they’ve helped create for HR organizations all over the world. Click here to read more!