The Secret to Data-Driven Apps

Do you think that FitBit could sell more than 60 million devices and maintain 20 million+ active users without help from data? Without data, those devices are just pieces of plastic. The kind of data experiences delivered by companies like FitBit is ‘over-the-counter’—easily digested, easy to get insights. Like over the counter medicine, over-the-counter data doesn’t require a prescription, is easy to take, and can be found at any local pharmacy.

So what does it take to deliver those kinds of insights in your own B2B applications? There are four areas to consider that set Embedded BI platforms, like TIBCO Jaspersoft, apart from regular BI and analytic solutions:

  1. Multi-Tenant Architecture: Embedded BI has to be “embedded” into something else—and most applications today are web based and increasingly multi-tenant. So, look for tools with modern multi-tenant capable backends that install next to your apps.
  2. Javascript APIs: Javascript is the way of the future for front ends—and BI is no exception. Javascript APIs—like js—should be considered a requirement.
  3. Single Sign On: Your application needs to seamlessly work with your embedded BI environment and provide a frictionless experience to users as they hop between application and analytics.
  4. Performant and scalable architecture: New applications tend to be cloud-based, deployed on container technologies like Docker, and work with modern scalable systems like AWS.

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  • How to gain competitive advantage with data driven applications

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