Building Analytics Apps for SaaS: “Analytics as a Service”

How can big data and embedded analytics be used to help students learn better? Waggle believes in learning and everything the company does has a simple goal: to improve the quality of education for students, teachers, and schools. They understand that real-time data analytics and visualizations can help a classroom teacher identify not only which students need more support, but the exact type of support they need at any given moment.

The application Waggle was building was collecting and cataloging all the data and metadata needed to get teachers and educators invaluable insight to analyze student learning and understanding. It needed easily scalable data warehouses, the highest level of data security, and powerful analytic tools to process hundreds of thousands of hours of use. Additionally, Waggle’s target users were not BI experts or data analysts. They were teachers, educators, and information workers that needed this information in real-time and as part of their daily task of grading and preparing to will supplement students core curriculum with rigorous practice.

For their SaaS application to succeed, Waggle needed a present this information inside their application with a BI tool that was able to provide very specific abilities:

  • A web-based embeddable visualization layer that could be accessed by any type of device (laptop, tablets, and others) and from any type of network.
  • Insights and analytics as part of the application itself and blended into the user experience (UX) that Waggle had already developed for their user base.
  • The behind-the-scenes BI had to enable Waggle to embed its visualizations and reports into the application flow itself, enabling interactivity between the Jaspersoft BI backend and the Waggle application.

Those were the challenges Waggle set out to solve when it began developing its online education application. Analytics that are included with applications provide significant advantages to end-users, but implementing and managing those analytics can be tricky, particularly for cloud applications.

TIBCO Jaspersoft simplifies the complex tasks faced by SaaS application builders when they need to add reporting and analytics inside their applications. Join us for this webinar to learn how Waggle used Jaspersoft and AWS to develop an intelligent, adaptive online learning experience as a result of analyzing large volumes of user data in real-time.