Introducing TIBCO Nimbus 10

Above the clouds in the sky. View from above the clouds. Flying over clouds in plane. Space boundless. Weather and climate. Big clouds. Atmosphere and stratosphere. Meteorology and aircraft.
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We at TIBCO are proud to announce the release of TIBCO Nimbus 10. TIBCO Nimbus 10 is a landmark release that will improve the user experience for all users of process and further strengthen TIBCO’s position as a key player in the business process management space for all non-technical and technical people within an organization.

TIBCO Nimbus 10 allows business users to add value quicker and get their ROI quicker than before by making use of these new capabilities and benefits:

New user experience in the browser
Following the release of TIBCO Nimbus Maps earlier this year, we have evolved the web component of the application to provide better support for all users of TIBCO Nimbus. Nimbus prides itself on being the best application for anyone in an organization to capture and collaborate around business processes.


Cloud focused
As we see a large number of our customers moving to the cloud, we have been working hard to provide better cloud capabilities for the TIBCO Nimbus product. Version 10 pushes this forward by increasing the browser-based capabilities and providing a single interface for the authors and contributors of the system.


Time to value
Users can create content and value more quickly than before. Capturing value faster leads to a faster return on investment and a reduction in the overall time spent on process projects. Projects or initiatives will be able to be completed quicker than before due to reduced need to spend time formatting or reworking their processes.

Mixed mode
We have spent a lot of time working through the migration from previous releases up to version 10. It will be possible to migrate existing content “as-is” and work through the changes in look and feel of the process designing and viewing capability of the Web. We understand that moving to such a new and improved way of authoring and interacting with processes can take time, and we have recognized the need to build in this support into the application.


Methodology support
Support for TIBCO’s Universal Process Notation (UPN) is now built in to designing processes. Rather than relying on standards guides or quality assurance, the authors are prompted to enter the right information required to get the most out of the Nimbus product. Process authors can concentrate on adding value, not on how to use the application.


TIBCO Nimbus 10 is a huge step forward in how organizations can use process to enhance their business. The user experience has been greatly enhanced to make the software easier to use, more accessible via the browser, and able to provide quicker time to value for all users.

It’s a hugely significant release that provides the platform for organizations to get excited about defining, simplifying, sharing, and changing their processes to ultimately improve how their businesses are run.

Request a demo of TIBCO Nimbus 10 to learn more and see it for yourself.