tibbr Geo: Augmented Reality That Helps You Collect Intelligence, Not Monsters

Montreal CA - August 10 2016: Closeup of a man playing Pokemon Go on a smart phone. Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game released in July 2016.
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Much is in the news lately about the hot augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go leverages your mobile’s GPS to display Pokemon characters on the screen—virtually—as if they were near you, so you can catch them. Different Pokemon appear depending on your location.

Interesting, engaging, but…. yeah, not a lot of meaningful work getting done. But what if there were a way to use augmented reality to be more productive? What if you could literally see the important questions, ideas, tasks, events, subjects, and people around you? In other words, instead of collecting virtual monsters on the other side of town, how about harnessing the collective intelligence of your organization wherever you are—at your desk, in the conference room, at customer sites, around your corporate campus!

tibbr Geo provides the ability to use one click on the tibbr mobile app to geotag places, conversations, employees, projects, etc., in the enterprise or related community of interest. As tibbr users approach these geo-tagged objects, relevant in-stream information and context hovers before their eyes.

When you choose tibbr as your collaboration platform, you get tibbr Geo free. And the tibbr mobile app on which it runs is free too.


For example, imagine you’re visiting an important customer. When you’re approaching their offices, what if you could tap on a customer’s location, and see all the data and conversations that have ever happened regarding that customer? With tibbr Geo, you can. See the latest sales opportunity or customer service issue—and know how your colleagues addressed it—before you walk into that meeting. You can’t miss it: there’s no key tapping, but rather it’s floating right in front of you. With tibbr Geo, you have the context you need, when you need it, right where you need it.

One of the nation’s largest transportation networks uses tibbr Geo to enable maintenance personnel to see the maintenance issues, schedule updates, conversations, and best practices along their thousands of miles of infrastructure as they move around the cities where they provide service. Hand off between shifts is simple. Using the tibbr mobile application, these folks don’t just get access to information and context they never had before, they also are surrounded by it, literally, and can take action on it—all while staff back at corporate HQ can follow what is happening from their offices.

Other tibbr customers use tibbr Geo for a wide variety of applications. They keep track of security personnel on patrol, products and services being sold in retail locations, insights on feeds from integrated systems, staffing questions at user conferences and tradeshows, and much more. 

With tibbr Geo and tibbr mobile apps included free with every tibbr license, leave the imaginary monsters behind, and start catching real insights and opportunities.

Watch this video to get a closer look and for more information and a free trial of tibbr, visit this page