Weaving Inanimate Objects into Our Connected Lives

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Like most things, when you start to dig under the surface you often uncover a wealth of hidden value. This is the case for Plantronics, a 50-year-old communications company whose products brought you everything from Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” to those who choose to dial Jenny at 867-5309 on a headset.

The initial need for a headset was to make communications easier and Plantronics has done that fantastically. Now enter the era of IoT, where devices go from standalone tools to interwoven pieces of our augmented reality. Plantronics was there from the beginning and, more than anyone, understands that creating an enhanced orchestrated experience is where the future lies.

old_headsetPlantronics started working with NASA to create lightweight devices that didn’t interfere with the user to effectively communicate clearly from far away places like the moon. (Image credit: NASA)

Hear directly from Tom Wesselman, Senior Director for the software group at Plantronics as he dives into their digital transformation journey. Leveraging TIBCO Jaspersoft, his team has taken inanimate headsets and built a cloud platform that connects hundreds of millions of them to the web. These services bring together wearable technology with the Internet of Things and analytics to orchestrate a next-generation user experience. Watch the on-demand webinar here.