Introducing TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.3—More Web Reporting for Embedded BI

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I recently crossed over the 5-year mark as head of Jaspersoft product management, and I’m pleased to say that TIBCO continues to invest substantially in Jaspersoft as the foundation for embedded BI—as a stand-alone alone business and as part of other TIBCO product offerings.

Today, I am proud to announce our latest release. Jaspersoft 6.3 packs in more than 100 quality, feature, and performance improvements across the entire product set. While we continue to improve our pixel perfect and programmatic reporting through the JasperReports Library and Jaspersoft Studio, many of our customers tell us that they want more web reporting capabilities to serve the needs of less technical users. The new release continues to fulfill that need with the ability to create and schedule more basic report content directly in the browser that was previously only available via our traditional desktop report writing tools.

Visualize.js continues to be the focal point of our embedding capabilities. Our product team has been hard at work in preparation for version 6.3 release, putting together a substantial body of new content to better enable developer success. You’ll now find GitHub content, live visualize.js fiddles, documentation, and videos. Be sure to check out our new content:

For seasoned technical report writers, you’ll find continued usability improvements in Jaspersoft Studio based upon popular demand from our community. More importantly, you’ll see a growing body of work around the Custom Visualization Component, which enables our developer community to extend Jaspersoft Studio with 3rd party Javascript libraries.

Watch a video of the new features in Jaspersoft 6.3 here, and as always, we want to hear your feedback and see how you are using Jaspersoft to fit your embedded reporting needs. Comments? Drop me a line at