TIBCO and AWS Marketplace Team Up for Easier, More Powerful Analytics

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TIBCO and AWS Marketplace have teamed up to make analytics even easier, fault-tolerant, and more scalable. TIBCO is big data certified with Amazon Redshift as well as an All-In AWS partner. As a long-standing leader on the AWS Marketplace, TIBCO is among the few selected partners included in the launch of the latest AWS Marketplace enhancement. As Jeff Barr of Amazon writes in his blog:

AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps you to find, buy, and immediately start using a very wide variety of applications on AWS (some of the more popular categories are Network Infrastructure, Security, and Big Data).

Up until now, running an application from AWS Marketplace was essentially equivalent to launching a single, self-contained Amazon EC2 instance. This was a good starting point, but it was not sufficient to deal with more sophisticated applications that run across a cluster of instances and/or require additional AWS resources such as Auto Scaling groups, Elastic Load Balancers, SQL database instances, an advanced network configuration, message queues, and so forth.

TIBCO is pleased to be one of the first partners to adopt AWS Marketplace’s latest feature, allowing Amazon CloudFormation Templates (CFT) to be launched from within the purchasing experience itself. Under the new “Custom Launch” tab page users are now able to simply select “Custom Launch” to invoke TIBCO’s Cloud Formation Template:



Simply select “Custom Launch” to invoke TIBCO’s Cloud Formation Templates

TIBCO offers an array of leading analytics offerings on the AWS Marketplace:

  • TIBCO Spotfire, for data discovery, visualization and predictive analytics
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft, for reporting and embedded business intelligence (also available in Multi-Tenant and BYOL editions)
  • TIBCO Clarity, for data quality

This new features extends the simplicity of AWS Marketplace’s popular “1-Click Launch” to include the power of Amazon CFTs for configuring and deploying a full stack as well as flexibly and securely leveraging AWS resources.

Since the launch of TIBCO’s first offering on AWS Marketplace several years ago, CFTs have been a valuable tool to implement AWS deployments. However, their use with AWS Marketplace offerings was cumbersome and error prone, as it required customers to go outside of the purchase process. Now, all that power is easily accessible within the experience of the AWS Marketplace itself.

TIBCO’s CFTs make the experience of launching TIBCO software on AWS even easier and more flexible. As an example, TIBCO’s Jaspersoft CFTs allow customers to:

-Launch Jaspersoft within a VPC for a particular region and configured for the selected instance size
Auto-detect Amazon data sources such as Amazon Redshift and RDS, allowing connection to desired data sources within minutes.
-Select Amazon RDS as the repository for Jaspersoft, enabling fault-tolerance
-Clustering enablement in order to scale out deployments more effectively.

TIBCO looks forward to leveraging this new capability further and continue to set the pace as an AWS Marketplace leader. Try TIBCO Analytics today, starting <$1/hr!