Predictive Analytics: Do You See Tomorrow?

Predictive Analytics: Do You See Tomorrow?
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Do you want to know what the future will bring?

Predicting future business outcomes, once thought to be a luxury known only to data scientists, is now becoming more ubiquitous—available to business users and knowledge workers across all functions of an organization, like sales, marketing, operations, customer service, etc.

Today’s predictive analytics technology allows organizations and empowers business users of all skill levels to make sense of their business data, improve forecasts, and gain a better understanding of their customers, as well as identify and respond to new opportunities faster.

Join Lou Bajuk-Yorgan of TIBCO Analytics for a live webcast and learn the critical factors that influence a successful enterprise deployment of advanced analytics:

  • How to harness the power of predictive insights within a visual data discovery environment, supporting data scientists, analysts, and business users alike
  • How to use guided analytics to maximize the impact of data scientists’ expertise
  • How to overcome internal barriers to advanced analytic deployments
  • About the depth and breadth of advanced analytic capabilities within Spotfire