A Complete Guide to TIBCO: Microservices and DevOps (Part 3)

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“A Complete Guide to TIBCO: Microservices and DevOps—Part 1 and Part 2” highlighted how TIBCO customers have been creating and managing Microservices for years. Read on for the third and final installment on this current trending topic.

TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA) for Unified Administration

Unified administration and monitoring are another key success factor for Microservices—no matter which technologies are used to implement different Microservices.

TIBCO Enterprise Administrator (TEA) is a unified graphical user interface (plus shell and scripting API) for administration, monitoring, governance, diagnostics, and analytics of most TIBCO products such as BusinessWorks, EMS, SilverFabric, Hawk or PolicyDirector (see Figure 4 and Figure 5).

Figure 4: TIBCO Enterprise Administrator Overview
Figure 5: TIBCO Enterprise Administrator Monitoring a Domain

TEA can also be used for other non-TIBCO technologies and products, such as Apache Tomcat, out of the box. If something is not supported yet, you can use TEA’s API (see TEA’s developer guide) to integrate it quickly. TEA is very open (like BusinessWorks 6) to encouraging the TIBCO community to develop additional features.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Streaming Analytics for Visibility Across Microservices

Correlation of events is the real power, as the folks from Google, Amazon, and Facebook can no doubt attest. After deploying and running your Microservices in production, you can use TIBCO StreamBase CEP to combine events, context, and Big Data insights for instant awareness and reaction. This immediate reaction is important as the business value decreases over time in most use cases. Therefore, many experts are already talking about Fast Data instead of Big Data.

On top of automated streaming analytics, you might need monitoring and interaction by business users. TIBCO Live Datamart enables business users to analyze, anticipate, and be alerted to key events in real time, and act on opportunities or threats as they occur.

The article “Real-Time Stream Processing as Game Changer in a Big Data World with Hadoop and Data Warehouse” explains complex event processing and streaming analytics in more detail and discusses several real-world use cases.

TIBCO and Microservices are Friends and Profiteers, Not Enemies!

As you can see, it is very easy to build Microservices with TIBCO products such as ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, API Exchange, and Silver Fabric. TIBCO customers have been using this approach for years. You should start to think about using the Microservices approach, too! For an overview about general requirements for a good Microservices architecture, also read this article: “Do Good Microservices Architectures Spell the Death of the Enterprise Service Bus?