How to Easily Embed Powerful BI in Your Cloud Apps with JavaScript

Reading Time: < 1 minute

TIBCO Jaspersoft built a massive open source community and business around a simple premise: every application is much more powerful—and valuable—with analytics inside. Now with Jaspersoft for AWS, developers can embed powerful BI and do so easily with a simple, flexible JavaScript API framework called Visualize.js.

Business users and consumers know they are putting valuable data into their applications. And therefore, of course, they want insight out of that data. They demand to interact with easily consumable charts by manipulating parameters or adding or removing other data elements. They want dashboards with different views of their data. And they want the experience with that data to be secure, as well as easily accessible, within their applications. They don’t want to go outside of those apps to a different environment with a different look and feel.

But for developers, it’s a been a big tradeoff. Delivering that kind of insight has meant diverting attention away from building the core application. Until now. With TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS, developers have all the power of the BI that their end-users demand, with the simplicity and control of JavaScript—plus affordability, starting at <$1/hr.

Jaspersoft brings a full-fledged BI server, complete with drag and drop ad hoc reporting, in-memory analysis, Spring Security, and scheduling. Its multi-tenancy capability means developers can finally deliver BI to numerous organizations in a SaaS environment, without having to build a separate BI solution on a separate physical server for each organization.

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