How tibbr helps people collaborate around files. [Use-Case Video]

howtotuesday2Here’s the latest installment in our series, “How-To” Tuesday, where we’re once again using the medium of ‘moving pictures’ to visually demonstrate what tibbr is, why your company needs an Enterprise Social Networking platform, and more specifically, how tibbr can address certain needs and concerns of specific departments in your organization.

However, unlike our previous How-To Tuesday posts, which were more narrowly focused on specific use-cases for specific departments, today’s issue broadly affects and impacts pretty much every department in pretty much every organization.

That issue is collaborating around files. Every organization has to deal with files whether they’re ppts, docs, pdfs, jpgs, or animated gifs. Digital documents are at the heart of modern communication and collaboration, so today’s “Collaborating around files” use-case video will show you how the social tools in tibbr can help make it easy and seamless so everyone can be more productive.

tibbr for Collaborating Around Files from tibbr on Vimeo.

For those people who read faster than our voice-over narrator speaks, we’ve provided the video script as text below the video. Enjoy.

tibbr for Collaborating around files.

“tibbr acts as a document repository where users can upload, access, and collaborate around files. Files can be uploaded publicly or privately, and allows recipients to instantly give feedback, ask questions, and make better decisions. tibbr even integrates with 3rd party apps like Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, Huddle, and Dropbox, so you can access files from anywhere. In the files section, all publicly shared documents can be discovered. From this view, users can easily see the name of the file, any relevant conversations and people around the document, the date it was shared, and who it was uploaded by. Here, users can do a simple text based search, search by source, by relevant people, or even by relevant groups and subjects.”

To watch all our videos in this series, visit the tibbr page on Vimeo.