How tibbr makes collaborating on Sales proposals simpler. [Use-Case Video #02]

howtotuesday2If you want to know what tibbr is, how it works, and how your company could benefit from an Enterprise Social Networking platform, then we have just the thing for you: Use-case videos! That’s right, these short, to-the-point videos are intended to show you how tibbr works instead of telling you. With these case-specific videos, you won’t have to read through our whole website, or even sign-up for a free demo (though we’d highly recommend both). We get that you’re a busy person and that one-format doesn’t fit all — that’s why we created “How-To Tuesday” video series.

It’s “How-to Tuesday.”

These videos are part of an on-going “How-to” series to briefly and visually demonstrate exactly how tibbr can address the specific needs and concerns of specific departments in your organization. For those people who read faster than our voice-over narrator speaks, we’ve provided the video script as text below the video. Enjoy.

tibbr for Collaborating on Proposals from tibbr on Vimeo.

tibbr for collaborating on proposals

tibbr cuts down the sales cycle by allowing team members to collaborate more efficiently on proposals. For example, someone could post a proposal for their prospect. The document could be shared with all relevant users that are following or involved with the prospect. From there, team members can view the document, converse around the proposal, and even make edits with third-party apps, all without leaving tibbr. They can even add other relevant colleagues to be looped in to the conversation with a simple “@mention.” All documents posted around the prospect are stored in the Subject for easy access.

To watch more videos in this series, visit the tibbr page on Vimeo.