Maximizing Your Digital Marketing with Business Intelligence

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Today there are so many channels available like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that social media, along with SEO, have become the foundations of many companies’ online marketing campaigns.

And that means more data to gather up, analyze and process to propel your business forward. Using business intelligence (BI) tools, your company can find and then share critical business insights about your digital marketing campaigns.

“With low costs and the potential for high ROI, it’s easy to see why these schools of marketing are gaining popularity so quickly,” according to an article in Innovation Insights. “Although it’s possible get a rough idea of how your campaign is going through basic analytics, it’s becoming more important to use more sophisticated tools to achieve a more informed perspective.”

Here are three ways using BI tools can help you get more out of your digital marketing:

1. Stop guessing and use real data

Sometimes using your instincts can be very helpful, but it’s not the way to run a digital marketing campaign. Using BI solutions, your company can stop wasting time experimenting with the plethora of social media sites available.

With the proper data, you can gain insight into the two or three social networks that give you the best results and focus on those. And that business intelligence will also show you which of your posts are getting the most attention.

When it comes to SEO, raw data from keyword searches, click-through rates, keyword competition, and more can be used to create visual reports. Using the information from the social media data, you can determine your best course of action for optimization.

“By generating highly accurate and detailed information, you will know for sure what the current state of your online marketing is and what changes need to be made,” the article notes.

2. Optimize your campaigns with real-time reporting

Many people turn to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and search engines for recent news and current events. Because of that there’s a constant stream of data. But information that’s even a week old is just as outdated as information that’s three months old. That’s why you have to analyze the most recent data from these sites.

“Waiting weeks for research reports to come out simply isn’t an option,” according to the article. “Fortunately, many business intelligence platforms provide real-time information so you never fall behind.”

If you’re spending too much time on the wrong social media networks, you can quickly switch to the ones that are more profitable. If certain keywords are not converting visitors into buyers, business intelligence can help you quickly resolve these issues.

3. Monitor Your Progress

“After a significant amount of data is generated via reporting, you can get a good idea of how well your online marketing efforts are going,” the article notes. “Once you have a body of data, it becomes clear how much your campaign has evolved.”

Using the business intelligence gleaned from social media data, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your digital marketing investment.

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