Why Mobile Metrics Is a Natural Fit for Manufacturing

Plant managers are busy people. They ensure safety, efficiency, and production, while staying within budget and industry regulations. Unlike an office, a manufacturing environment may be loud, hot, dusty, wet, or hazardous, so typical channels for relaying information may not be effective.

Reducing Manufacturing Communication Hurdles

Asking a plant manager to open a laptop on the production floor may not only be unproductive, but dangerous. However, without ANY tools for plant managers to stay updated, their productivity isn’t what it could be. Managers need visibility to product malfunctions, changeover time, yield, throughput, line jams, and accidents.

Most plant managers have a mobile phone, but it may be practically impossible to talk on the factory floor. So text, email, and other non-verbal communications become critical. Expanding on this point, factories are often very large and getting from one side to the other may take several minutes. A manager with mobile metrics can spend less time going back to the office to receive updates, and instead have them in the palm of their hand. Mobile metrics helps them to solve problems, reduce downtime, and ensure production goes smoothly.

Never Miss a Beat in the Factory

Mobile metrics is a natural fit for manufacturing. First, it provides continuously updated information, which is important in high-volume environments. Second, it gives managers the power to tune into the metrics and KPIs that matter most for their specific role or shift. Third, because manufacturing often operates over long hours, it’s important to provide decision-makers with the most accurate real-time picture of the business, whether they log on at 4 a.m. at the start of a shift or at a 2 p.m. shift change.

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