Big Data Connectivity: Getting the Most Out of Your Data Assets

Big data is a double-edged sword. It offers immense potential for companies to quickly spot customer, market, and other trends that can be used to drive business and operational value. However, the steps needed to gather, store, and manage massive data sets can be daunting for IT and business leaders.

Partnerships to Expand Big Data Analytics 

At TIBCO Spotfire, we’re continually striving to make it easier for our clients to better leverage the complete range of data assets that are available to them. Today, we’re excited to announce direct connectivity with seven repositories of big data sources.

Through our partnerships with leading big data storage providers such as SAP HANA, Cloudera, and Hortonworks, we’re able to offer our clients the ability to connect directly to these rich data sources and blend in-database analysis to mashups with other large data stores.

This capability ultimately allows business leaders to more effectively consume and manage big data sets, enabling enterprises to extract greater value from their data. Enterprise mashups and in-memory analytics offer several benefits to organizations. Big data repositories such as SAP HANA can reduce the amount of effort needed to get data to executives and employees so they can make informed decisions quickly.

Perhaps more importantly, enterprise mashups extend new sources of information to users, enabling employees and business leaders to identify new opportunities and new ways of solving business or operational problems.

Get More Done 

By connecting big data stores with in-database analytics, business users can work faster with significantly higher volumes of data than when using traditional analytics tools.

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, users of in-database (also known as in-memory) analytics are able to process more than 3x the volume of data at speeds more than 100x greater than without this technology. Ultimately, this means faster access to a wider range of information for business users.

To learn more about TIBCO Spotfire’s partnership with leading big data sources, click here.