Data: One Size Does Not Fit All

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every day, we look to data to guide us in making business decisions. Whether it’s how a promotion is going or how well a new product is being received in the market, many members of a company are heavily invested in seeing the newest numbers.

Anyone who has led a meeting concerning a numbers update understands that each team member wants a different cut of the data, because there’s no perfect dashboard that satisfies everyone. There are always a multitude of questions that come with a sales update. Can we cut this regionally? What if we dug deeper into the demos? The questions go on and on, and the action items pile up for the poor analyst assigned to the team. The meeting ends without making any of the decisions that were on the agenda.

An App That Makes BI Personal

Well, business intelligence is finally catching up with how we interact with our own personal data. With mobile apps that allow us to pull up our own KPIs on personal finance and health (among other custom statistics), we’re used to refreshing our numbers when we’re curious, and drilling down into the data to understand where to improve and stay up to date. TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics is finally bringing these functionalities to business intelligence. Your business data feeds into the app and each user is empowered to slice and dice information. In addition, team members can collaborate to find insights, with the ability to comment and interact with one another in the tool. With Spotfire, team members get personalized data in real time on their own devices, without the meetings and without the wait.

Moving Forward 

With personalized KPIs available on-demand through Spotfire Mobile Metrics, meetings can focus on discussions of what to do, instead of wasting time trying to figure out what’s going on. The only challenge will be putting down your smartphone—it’s just become a much more powerful business tool.

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