Where Nielsen gets its big ideas about Big Data.

TUCON 2013 Nielsen Keynote from tibbr on Vimeo.

Nielsen Company COO, Mitchell Habib, likes to say that it’s the “world’s largest consumer information business.” And with information on five billion consumers, that’s no exaggeration. In addition to tracking what people watch on TV or laptop (or whatever), Nielsen also monitors retail data and consumer behavior for the packaged goods industry ― in other words, they have a huge amount of data.

Not surprisingly, that big data is only getting bigger, forcing the company to face equally large questions: What else can be done with this trove of data? How else can we use it to add business value?

To help answer those questions, Nielsen needed to better connect its over 35,000 associates, all geographically scattered across 103 countries worldwide. These diverse employees offered a pool of knowledge and expertise that was currently isolated in specific offices, or trapped in departmental silos.

Turning to Enterprise Social Networking, Nielsen sought to increase collaboration between all their employees, to more easily share ideas and innovations, and to tap into their company’s unrealized potential.

To hear what prompted Nielsen’s reinvention, how they sold skeptical customers on innovations, and how tibbr is helping further transform their company, watch this video of Mitchell Habib’s talk at TUCON 2013.