Is There Any Value in a Simple Elevator Pitch for Enterprise-Grade Technology?

An executive-level elevator pitch is the cornerstone of sales in most industries. To pitch your company’s vision and selling prop without mentioning any specific customers of verticals, while still capturing your listener’s ear, is the first key step to any sale. You need to convey who your company is, why they are unique, and how your business is a proven commodity.  Yet, in the technology solution and enterprise-grade software market of highly complex products, is an elevator pitch even possible, or desired?

Get Them to Say “Tell me More”

Innovators like Galileo, Da Vinci, and Steve Jobs had the same skill set as our founder, Vivek Ranadivé: the ability to explain very complex concepts with simple language and broad vision. Innovators like these can solve long-terms problems by discussing benefits and transformation, not specific product details or vertical selling points.

Business processes and systems, for the most part, were designed in ways that don’t provide a relevant and contextual business response in appropriate time. Significant amounts of opportunities and threats were being ignored and not really understood, until it was too late. Instead of fixing the root cause, businesses invested lots of energy and money into understanding what had happened four months ago, and then trying to win back the lost customer. Vivek understood this behavior was rooted in our normal human behavior of being comfortable with an understood design pattern.

Business Problems Rethought as Human Problems

Business processes were reacting to what happened earlier (data at rest), instead of reacting in time (data in motion) to service customers. Vivek introduced a new pattern of thinking in enterprises. Enterprises needed to be made in real time, and right information had to be delivered at the right location, in the right context, to create an intelligent 
business response. At the heart of this concept, ideally, is a well-integrated business that runs efficiently with current information from customers, markets, and products, while carrying out business objectives.

Vivek pioneered the concept of “real-time event-enabled enterprise” by introducing a new pattern of thinking for enterprises. By adopting this new way of thinking, and TIBCO’s comprehensive portfolio of event-enabled software products, enterprises are now able to react in real time by understanding all kind of events happening in their ecosystem in a relevant and contextual fashion. TIBCO helps customers in reacting to events being generated by customers, supply chain, logistics, inventory, and creating a real-time contextual business response. This portfolio allows for a complete integration across all business units within an organization. Ensuring that supply chain can keep up with events in real time as well as a changing marketplace.

We would love to invest time to understand your business and show you how to transform your business into an E3, an event-enabled enterprise. Explore our Integration Maturity Assessment to learn more.