Webinar: How an Airline Used Social Technology to Redefine their Business

Operating in a competitive space, the airline industry faces many challenges. For many airlines, cabin crewmembers—who are the closest touch point to the customer—lack the means to effectively collaborate and give feedback to the decision makers at headquarters.

International airline Cathay Pacific found a new way to connect their 10,000+ crewmembers. Instead of their traditional way of communicating—corporate newsletters and face-to-face staff conversations—employees were able to receive announcements and collaborate on an enterprise social network (ESN), from their mobile device.

In the upcoming webinar, Cathay Pacific: Engaging Frontline Employees with Enterprise Social,” Cabin Crew Relations & Communications Manager Elaine Champion will show how Cathay Pacific deployed ESN to support their BYOD policy and what business results they’re achieving.

Join the webinar and discover:

  • The immediate benefits Cathay Pacific experience with Enterprise Social
  • How enterprise social enhances internal communication, boosts employee engagement and other use cases
  • Best practices for implementation and adoption

Plus, learn how Cathay Pacific is using social technology to bring together their workforce and strengthening their corporate culture. Don’t miss it!