New at TUCON 2013: The Innovation Hub

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Most of us think about education in a formal sense—school, disciplined study, clear goals—but on an empirical level, it’s really about keeping an open mind and thinking critically. These key pillars of education are the theme of TUCON 2013. Are you asking yourself larger questions about the paradigms of your organization? Have you become complacent? Are you jumping on the bandwagon, or are you leading?

Innovation Hub

This year, we wanted to give you a space to ask yourself these questions in the Solutions Showcase Innovation Hub. Here, we will share our vision of what’s currently trending, both industry wide and within the TIBCO product family, and the new developments we’re most excited for in the coming year. We’ve worked hard on developing new ways to show how our technology can solve real-world challenges and creating opportunities you may have not seen before. Our product experts are excited to show how you can generate even more value with TIBCO products.

In the hub, you’ll get a hands-on experience with these new applications; get the chance to hear TIBCO experts share their outlook on new cloud utilities; learn how you can automatically use social data to generate new processes; and see a new level of granularity in analytics.

Fostering Inspiration  

Our goal is to stimulate you and your peers to start asking new questions and start developing alternative solutions. Some of the most valuable ideas are created when you step out of your everyday routine. TUCON 2013 provides an environment of thinkers, innovators, and collaborators who, together, can begin to tackle those abstract ideas. The best educators know that inspiration comes from within; their goal is to simply provide the space for it to happen. When was the last time you put yourself in a place where you could do that?

We hope you’re as excited for TUCON 2013 as we are. Join us at the Aria in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 14 to October 17. To save $250, register here today. For more information on keynote speakers and to view the agenda, visit