Effective Meetings: Never Spend More Time Planning than Doing

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With new forms of communication emerging online, like enterprise social networks, people are becoming more connected at work.

A lot of communication online is still taking place in discussion threads – through text. However, studies show that up to 93% of human communication is visual. Visual cues, such as facial expressions, are extremely important in conveying the right message and tone. Text-only communication in the workplace can oftentimes create misunderstandings. Also, non-visual communication gives employees the excuse to do things later as text-only communication is asynchronous in it’s nature and we don’t see each other “live” while talking.

Bringing the visual aspect online in your company’s everyday work will be a great value-add for the text-based communication that normally takes place. tibbr, enterprise social networking, already provides an intuitive social interface. And now, tibbr integrated with Kollaborate IO is taking it a step further.

With KollaborateIO for tibbr you can speak in HD video and voice while working together visually on over 40 different file types. This means that you can see each other live in tibbr (on a relevant subject you and others follow) and you can invite your coworkers to talk in one click. You will be able to drag in content from around the web, such as videos, Photoshop files, Indesign files or more standard file types such as Word, PPT or Excel – all while speaking in HD quality.

To learn more about how KollaborateIO and tibbr work well together, join the upcoming webinar.  We’ll discuss the future of collaboration and meetings, and dive into the following:

Ways to Overcome Communication Challenges

  • Never spend more time planning than doing: Rather than spend time planning a meeting, get problems solved now by clicking one button to meet live in HD video within your social platform.
  • Avoid misunderstandings: Add the visual aspect to your workflow to avoid misunderstandings that communication in writing only may lead to.
  • Get things done in one place:  With the tibbr Apps Marketplace you can actually integrate your entire workflow and the tools you are already using outside of tibbr in one place.

Live Webinar: Effective Meetings: Never Spend More Time Planning than Doing

When: September 10, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. PDT


Cathrine Andersen is CEO and co-founder of the company Assemblage, building realtime webapplications for a new generation of enterprises worldwide. Assemblage products include KollaborateIO and PresentationIO and are used in over 140 countries around the world, truly trying to make collaboration and communication a one-click experience in the workplace.