Maintain Your Market Share by Remaining Agile

Two pillars of consumer behavior research focus on what consumers buy and watch on television. Mass communication experts and marketers know that a fundamental piece of successful advertising is detailed and complete consumer behavior research—what consumers want, how they react, etc. This concept is applicable to many things we do in marketing or sales, in any industry or organization.

There are numerous specialized organizations in this field, which have carved out a niche for themselves; they’re the ones who have figured out the right methodologies and invested in the right set of tools and technologies to support their vision. One such leader is Nielsen.

Nielsen is a leading global information and measurement company that provides companies visibility to consumers and their behavior. Nielsen measures and monitors what consumers watch (programming and advertising) and what consumers buy (categories, brands, and products) on a local and global basis.

Market Share

Nielsen has been innovative since the very beginning. From coining the term “market share” in 1932 to developing the television rating system, Nielsen has always been known for innovation in market research landscape.

The company’s continued success is due in part to their ability to tap the power of Big Data and combine it with enterprise mobility—the next phase of innovation. Using TIBCO Service Oriented Architecture and Events Orchestration software, Nielsen is allowing their customers to access real-time data, visualize it, and run reports—all while using mobile devices.

TIBCO infrastructure facilitates data aggregation from backend systems, creating reports by meshing the data for every customer’s specific requirements within the “buy” business and the “watch” business segments.

Scalability to New Markets and Adaptability to New Business Scenarios

For a global organization, managing infrastructure can be very difficult, especially when industry best practices and compliance are key elements of business operations. Forward-thinking organizations approach this as a way to extend a proven model and replicate the benefits of regional practice to a global scale. The way to do it is extend and deliver platform as a service to other regions/countries.

With a presence in around 100 countries worldwide, Nielsen is able to deliver their platform as a service with proven standards and authority as benefits. All of that is built around TIBCO technology.

The consumer behavior market is changing fast, and time to strategize, compete, and outshine is rapidly shrinking. Meaningful data and the capacity to play around with the data is the key—not only for Nielsen, but for their customers as well.

What Customers Want

Customers want accurate and reliable data, which they expect and depend upon. TIBCO technology provides Nielsen with the ability to anticipate their customers’ need and what they want, and then deliver that information in a fast and reliable manner.