5-Star Raiders App Relies on Integrated IT Systems

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The Oakland Raiders’ rabid fans are known across the NFL for their eccentric face paint, elaborate costumes, and the infamous—though occasionally threatening—”Black Hole.” The Raiders have never been like other teams, from ownership, to management, right down to the players. A history of taking chances on risky players, combined with an outlaw attitude, has colored them with a unique personality and philosophy.

For these fans, TIBCO has partnered with the Raiders to create the new Oakland Raiders Mobile App.  The app, currently available for iOS and Android devices, allows fans to connect with the team like never before. Multiple lines of business had to have their data connected in real time to present one cohesive view to the fan’s phone.

The app has everything for a die-hard Raiders fan:

  • Interactive Season Schedule: See stats and scores for every game of the season.
  • In-Depth Roster: Learn about your favorite players through bios, photos, and up-to-date career stats.
  • Connect With Fellow Fans: Easily share Raiders news, videos, and upcoming game dates via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Real-time polls during the game
  • Assistance with parking and finding your way around The Coliseum
  • Access to ticket information

This app represents a new era in sports fandom. With fantasy leagues, blogs, and endless news coverage, sports fans are moving closer and closer to the field. This level of access and interactive functionality takes fan devotion to the next level by adding loyalty to an already loyal fan base.

It’s a lesson that can be applied to business as well. An app can help customers feel more connected to a company or brand. Your product isn’t just in their hands, it’s on their phones, too. By giving your fans a voice, you’re empowering them to do more than passively participate in your brand—you can turn customers into fans, and fans into advocates.

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