Why Enterprise Needs to Focus On Mobility

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In commercials, on blogs, and on the Internet, mobile companies advertise to get their phones in customers’ hands. And it’s working. Customers become strongly attached to their chosen brand of mobile phone, almost to the point of fighting to prove their choice is the best. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, our lives revolve around the little devices that do much more than make a phone call. We are attached to our phones and willing to defend them.

Changing Expectations

Mobile users expect their mobile devices to support apps that regularly and automatically update. They expect access to favorite companies through apps, effortless mobile shopping, and the most modern best practices in ease of use. Mobility has become so ingrained in our everyday actions, devices like Google Glass can take a picture from a simple wink of the eye. Mobility has started to change the way we think and associate our actions to where a wink no longer represents a subtle gesture to another person, but a functional component of our machinery. Companies have to keep up with this ever-changing and constantly improving technology.

Looking at a cell phone, the shell and casing of a phone impart its character. However, the heart and life of the phone is everything the user cannot see. What makes us actually fall in love with the phone is what it does and what other companies offer, like apps and other services, to make our lives much easier when using the phone.

Changing Lives

With the cloud, apps, and new technology, it has become the role of enterprises to provide functionality, but also integrate mobile into their business models. Mobile devices have transformed the way we do business, so companies must make it part of how they manage their business. Enterprises have to be smart when it comes to smartphones and keep tabs on the capabilities tablets can provide to help drive business value and make users’ lives easier.

A phone as it is, is no longer enough for anyone. Just out of the box, a mobile device is not personalized to the user, not tailored for providing the right services to its owner, or valuable in any way other than to make a call. Powering on the mobile devices opens a world where communication becomes as easy as winking an eye or touching a button. It’s no wonder people are fighting to get their hands on the latest technology.

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