Webinar: Making Decisions Faster – The Real ROI of Social

Still can’t measure the revenue impact of Facebook or Twitter? Enterprise social networking is a powerful tool, but perhaps not in the way you thought. Studies have revealed that social media can have a positive impact on your bottom line, when leveraged from internal use rather than just to engage external communities.

Join Founder and CEO of Aragon Research, Jim Lundy and Leandro Perez of tibbr, for a free webinar, Making Decisions Faster – The Real ROI of Social and get tangible insights on how internal social networks are driving innovation, engagement and more effective decision making, resulting in higher profitability. You’ll learn:

  • Where the real business value comes from and how to measure business outcomes from your enterprise social network
  • The ROI of bridging knowledge workers with line-of-business systems
  • Real-world examples of how enterprise social networking empowered employees to solve customer and business challenges

About Jim
Jim Lundy founded Aragon Research in 2011, after serving as VP and General Manager of Collaboration at Saba Software Inc. and a 12 year stint as Managing VP at Gartner.