Technology That Provides Security in a Dangerous World

Since our founding in 1997, TIBCO has always been there when needed. Before and after disasters struck, TIBCO was there to support businesses in need and the people they employ.

The last 16 years have been tumultuous, from the scare of Y2K, 9/11, global climate change, countless catastrophic natural disasters, and other devastating events.

The continued efforts by the military, government officials, scientists, researchers and average citizens to help solve 21st-century problems require 21st-century tools and solutions. Technology has helped solve many national crises and also prevents them. Many of TIBCO’s tried and tested solutions have a record of being there when, and even before a situation arises, and will continue to ensure our safety.

A Day That Will Always Be Remembered

America experienced something that would leave an everlasting impression on millions of families all over the globe as New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. Because of 9/11, the U.S. created the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and we live with ongoing increased security. With the TSA helping to protect travelers, the organization needed a solution to help develop ways to screen baggage and improve safety. TIBCO was there.

Three years later, TIBCO was asked by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help ensure the FBI validates biometric data for immigrants at every port of entry in the country. The U.S. DHS also uses TIBCO to help manage cyber security of all .gov websites and calls TIBCO technology “the perfect platform for protecting the civilian agencies’ dot-gov domain.”

Naturally, We Help In Natural Disasters

Again providing support in times of trouble, TIBCO helped Allstate in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane wreaked havoc on the state, Louisiana gave insurers 30 days to process damage claims from the devastation, totaling $50 billion. We were there to help the insurance company upgrade its legacy claims-processing system so it could handle the claims made by the people in need. The company can now handle over six million claims each year with our solution.

Closely related to the issue of natural disasters, global climate change is becoming an ever-increasing problem that will be faced head-on. Since 2009, TIBCO has been helping Xcel Energy and the City of Boulder to create the first SmartGridCityTM. This new, innovative technology helps cut carbon dioxide emissions by 400 million tons a year. The world is becoming much greener and safer.

Our history dates back to 1997, and in this 16 years, there has been a lot to do to help businesses overcome, improve, and celebrate. In the years to come, we look forward to helping whenever we are called upon.