What is Enterprise Social Networking?

An enterprise social network looks, feels, and functions very similar to public social media sites like Facebook, with one important exception – its primary purpose is to use social interaction to support valuable business outcomes and get work done.

How Does Enterprise Social Networking Support Business Objectives? 
Here are some of the benefits internal social networking provides your business:

  • Increases knowledge sharing and gives employees faster access to internal experts
  • Organizes information, making knowledge management simpler and less costly
  • Integrates with key business applications through activity streams, giving employees the ability to act on information from one interface
  • Allows employees to stay connected from anywhere via their mobile device
  • Enhances the customer feedback loop, increasing customer support and satisfaction
  • Enhances sales, marketing and interdepartmental effectiveness
  • Improves collaboration across geographies, reducing travel costs by allowing instantaneous communication
  • Improves employee on-boarding and staff engagement
  • Boosts morale through employee recognition on a company-wide network

Similar to public social media sites, with an enterprise social network you can expect many of the same features: your own feed with real-time updates, the ability to follow people and groups, instant messaging capabilities, customizable profile, the ability to post status updates and messages, key-word search and more. However, tibbr takes the idea of an enterprise social network much farther than the basic features you experience with public social media sites. Some of these enterprise-ready features include: activity streams, or the ability to integrate any application within the tibbr interface; enterprise-grade security, including the ability to install tibbr behind the firewall or host it on a private cloud; rich employee profiles and corporate hierarchy integration; subjects for categorizing messages, files and data; an enterprise social graph that provides powerful insights to help employees discover experts, messages, files and subjects; and much more. Discover how tibbr’s unique features redefine social networking for business.