Innovation is Child’s Play for UK Toy Giant Hamleys

When does innovation start? At what age does the inspiration to innovate begin? From the early ages of childhood, kids think of new games and ways to have fun each day. Imagination and creativity is nothing new and it is not reserved for any particular age. When children play with toys, they imagine an entire new world from the moments they have the toy in their hands. A toy store is like a warehouse for imagination where potential childhood dreams can be played out with the right toy. This creativity and innovation start very young, and is carried on into adulthood to create some of the most successful businesses today. Hamleys, an internationally recognized toy retailer, knows the importance of creativity and imagination to children.  The flagship store in London has become more than a retail shop, but a tourist attraction itself due to the imaginative wonders inside. The retailer receives over five million visitors a year, of all ages. Hamleys is not just this seven-story wonder world in London, as their stores span eight countries, creating a global network that promotes imagination and innovation.

Unlike a child, carefree to make the rules as they go, businesses do not always have such liberties. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandate ensures  businesses and organization that deal with credit card data have a logging solution that can handle, process, and store the information securely. Hamleys needed to go to the toy store of log solutions and find one that would make it free to let children innovate and imagine. The company also wanted to make sure that the solution did not interfere with business operations. Hamleys did not just want any toy, or any solution, but something that would provide them with an infrastructure to operate in for the future. Out of the box, TIBCO LogLogic® was the perfect choice.

LogLogic comes with features other solutions do not, and no that is not “kung-fu grip.” LogLogic provides unparalleled functionality and service. The company required 100% up-time for all systems and service models with major importance in choosing a solution. LogLogic met these standards. Sales, customer service and operations were not slowed at all while deploying the logging solution, preventing the possible loss of millions in revenue.

The LogLogic solution was established to capture, process, and store the logs that Hamleys was generated by retail-related servers, transactions, customer data and EPOS systems. Because of LogLogic, the company has been able to integrate all of their infrastructure logging for better cyber security. The solution does not wait until the school bully steals the new toy away because LogLogic provides real-time alerts to flag any unusual or malicious activity. LogLogic has provided Hamleys with PCI compliance, but also made the company’s infrastructure more secure and increased operational efficiency. LogLogic could not be a better solution for any company, just as the right toy for a child can create a world of possibilities for him or her to create lasting memories.

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