Election 2012: No Need for a Debate with LogLogic

cyber security and data protection

It is election season and Americans must soon decide who they want to become President of the United States. One of the many ways that people formulate their decision is hearing the presidential candidates debate, where the candidates will have a chance to make their case to the American people. Issues that will be covered include the economy, healthcare, the role of government and other topics. Even though the candidates have to argue over who is best to lead the nation for the next four years, in the world of business, choosing TIBCO LogLogic requires no debate.

Plantronics, Inc. knows what LogLogic has to offer when it comes to security and payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS). Plantronics is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headset products. Plantronics headsets are widely used in many Fortune 500 corporations and have been featured in numerous films and high-profile events. Plantronics utilized TIBCO LogLogic in order to achieve PCI and SOX compliance while maximizing time resources and reducing costs.

In every debate, there is a moderator to make sure the debaters stay within their allotted time and to ensure the integrity of the discussion. The moderator is like the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council making sure companies follow the guidelines that will protect their customers’ personal information. LogLogic provided Plantronics a solution that ensured compliance while also helping them to reduce the time it took to generate reports.

data protection and cyber securityIt does not take an electoral college to know that LogLogic is the perfect solution for handling PCI compliance. Plantronics needed to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and PCI mandates, without overwhelming their IT resources. Before LogLogic, the company was collecting logs from web servers and generating reports, but this was taking hours to complete. The American people depend on their leaders to make decisions, and as important as debates are, they also need leaders to follow through on their words. LogLogic more than delivers on what it promises. Because the process of creating reports was so time consuming, the small staff at Plantronics was heavily overburdened. The company considered an in-house log management system, but they have a high volume of logs so such a solution would not have been feasible. Plantronics turned to TIBCO LogLogic for the answer.

LogLogic came highly recommended by auditors and could pull in a variety of logs from servers to gather logs in diverse formats, quickly and efficiently. It might not yet be clear for many Americans whom they want to elect, but it was very clear that LogLogic was the right logging solution for Plantronics. The one appliance now supports the company’s web servers and collects logs from over 20 sources.

LogLogic users do not need training in order to implement the system because it is an easy-to-use tool that is ready to be utilized just out of the box. It has already sped up report generation and delivery at Plantronics, but still produces precise and clear information. The company now has better insights into their organization, giving them the information needed in order to meet the company’s hardware and software needs. The LogLogic solution has been a definite success at Plantronics. There is no need for debate when LogLogic is in the election.

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