Heart + Technology Makes the World Better

Around this time of year, many of us catch the do-gooder bug, pitching in to help those less fortunate. At TIBCO, we’re proud of the difference we made throughout the year. One of our most heartening collaborations involves the humanitarian aid organization World Vision International. This global nonprofit serves 100 million people in 98 countries, raising about $3 billion in funds each year.

World Vision CIO, Adam Bricker, gave us a shout-out in his 2011 TUCON keynote, crediting us (and our customers) for providing the software to help them extract information out of 3,000 sites around the world, from a microfinance branch in Ethiopia to a program site in Indonesia. Thanks to automated real-time data collection and tools that enforce data integrity and uniformity, World Vision is able to monitor everything from the health of the children they serve to the economic activities of a village they’re helping to develop. Using visual analytics, the World Vision staff can also see which practices and tactics are producing the best results across the 3,000 sites, which can spur conversations about where else its staff can start adopting the better-performing programs.

WorldVision applies TIBCO solutions to enable various interactions with its donors, including the ability to accept donations from mobile, web, and other preferred channels. World Vision couples its fundraising efforts with real-time financial oversight, tracking the aid efforts the donations are supporting, and in turn, providing assurances to donors  that their contributions are being put to work.

WorldVision also connects benefactors with their sponsored children and communities, facilitating spontaneous photo–sharing  through any device. Here, technology brokers a level of intimacy between two sides that would otherwise be worlds apart.

To reference a point in Adam’s speech, we would like to think that we have both “the technology and the heart” to effect lasting and positive change in the world. It’s always been our belief that if you get the right information to the right place at the right time, you can make the world a better place. Adam thanked TIBCO and TIBCO customers for allowing us to provide our technology to World Vision at a subsidized price, but we say thank you World Vision, for doing what you do, and to everyone else who makes a difference.